Hello from 716 Marketing

We are exciting to bring 716 Marketing to life!

This company will focus on Integrated Marketing Communications for your company.  What does that mean?  The Marketing Experts at 716 Marketing will analyze your current marketing strategy and ensure you are utilizing the most current marketing technologies to promote your products or services.

Our Mission:

Provide our clients Integrated Marketing Communication services which will allow them to get found.

Why 716 Marketing?

(716) is the area code in which our company is founded.  That does not mean that we are limited to business in 716, it just means this area is our grass roots.  You can also see the geographic outline of 716 in our logo.  The “salmon” color represents the area located in 716.  The “royal” purple color represents the water that our area boarders.

We have worked to bring various products and services to market.  From new business launches, to improving visibility and strategy in current companies, we have worked with a variety of organizations in different industries with one goal in mind: Get Found.

How can we help you?

Contact 716 Marketing and let us know where you are with your business strategy.  We want to know your business objectives and help you meet them!





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