716 Marketing Celebrates 5 Years in Business

716 Marketing Celebrates 5 Years in BusinessThrough continuous changing technology and marketing strategies, 716 Marketing celebrates 5 years in business as an expert integrated marketing communications firm in Buffalo, New York.

As a digital marketing firm and an integrated marketing communication (IMC) firm, it is extremely important to stay up to date on changing technology and the user experience each marketing strategy delivers throughout all tactics and communications.

Some of the major updates we continuously work with include Google’s search engine algorithm updates, new forms of communication, social media platforms updating for technology and user experience, new social apps become popular among different generations and how the different generations use the social channels differently, new tools created to help manage all of this information, and programs developed to collect data so marketing experts can analyze the information to adjust, and create better marketing strategies when communicating to target audiences.

716 Marketing continues to stay relevant bringing digital marketing expertise to both B2C and B2B companies in all industries. As discussed before, technology and marketing strategies are forever changing forcing businesses and users to adapt to these changes.

Some of our most popular marketing service offerings include new business marketing, website development, eCommerce development, website management, product optimization, search engine optimization, social selling, digital advertising, social media strategy, social media management, content marketing, email marketing, all traditional marketing, and much more!

Help 716 Marketing celebrate 5 years in business by continuing to support our mission to help other companies meet their marketing and sales objectives, and get found. Allow 716 Marketing to help your customers find your product or service when they are looking for help or to make a purchase.

Times are changing and your marketing strategy could be as well. Contact us to see how we can help your brand appeal to your future customers.

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