716 Marketing – A Year in the Making

We are honored to announce that 716 Marketing LLC has officially been in business for one year!  Looking back on the past year, we are able to reminisce about helping many customers grow their digital brand presence, integrate all marketing strategies, provide marketing design, and consult for advertisement investments.  We have pushed our own limits and have utilized the latest technologies and trends to make sure that our customer’s message is visible where their market is looking.

In addition to our customer base, 716 Marketing LLC provides InfoTech WNY and Hopeful Ways non-for-profit organizations with the benefits of Integrated Marketing Communications services.  We help InfoTech WNY with their social media marketing, email marketing communications, front end website maintenance, development of marketing documents, promotional banners, and more.  Hopeful Ways asked 716 Marketing LLC to train their volunteers about social media marketing and how to use it for their organization.  We also help Hopeful Ways with their email marketing communications and their quarterly print and digital newsletter.  Each organization has identified different tasks for 716 Marketing LLC, and we are happy to help consult for maximum results!

Our business formation anniversary was in February and we are excited to share this announcement of success with you! As we have already shifted into top gear during the first quarter of 2016, we are looking forward to bringing another successful year with our customers and new projects!

Kind Regards,

Kelly Flicinski
President & CEO

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